"Developing an innovative renewable hybrid system"


Archena WWTP is located in Murcia and 2/3 of the whole wastewater volume is treated by tertiary wastewater treatment, which make possible to reuse it. Actual water treatment systems at the plant produce a considerable increase of the cost per m3 of generated water (25-30%) due to energy consumption.

The objective of this project is to develop an innovative renewable hybrid system which will have a small energy storage system and an intelligent control system for reducing the energy consumption and optimizing the biological reactor. The system will guarantee the energy storage for reusing it whenever it is necessary, which will save energy consumption and therefore, it will reduce the cost per m3 of reusable water, helping the water shortfall and the climate change.

The project will have international diffusion as it is co-financed by LIFE+2013 call, with a total Budget of 1.4 M€. The expected result will reduce 30% the total energy demand of the WWTP.

Last update of the project

February 21, 2017 Adaptation of the web page one of the commission's comments



  • A Preparatory actions

    A1 Parameterization of the potential input from renewable energy sources, and the operations control consumption cost.

  • B Implementation actions (B1 to B8)

    During this actions the energetic solution for achieving the objectives of the project will be designed, implemented and validated.

  • C Monitoring of the impact of the project actions (C1 and C2)

    In this actions different project parameters related with the environmental and socio-economic impact of the project will be monitored.

  • D CCommunication and dissemination action

    D1, in this action the project LIFE Renewat will be diffused and promoted.

  • E Project management and monitoring of the project progress (E1-E2)

    This action involves all the project managing and progress project monitoring. In addition, networking activities with other LIFE project will be carried out, with the purpose of meeting up the LIFE community and get to know our project.



It is one of the main Spanish corporate enterprises, leader in promoting and managing of infrastructures, renewable energy, water and services.


Renewable energy managing engineering, formed in 2008. It Works in engineering technical services and other activities related with technical advice.


Local Entity of water waste treatment. It’s a public company dependent of the Agriculture and Water Counselling.


ACCIONA water is a leader company in water treatment sector. It is expert in integral services managing.

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