"Developing an innovative renewable hybrid system"


“Renewat” Project

Renewat project has the final objective of reducing the energy consumption through different actions in a Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), focusing on the optimization on the aeration of the biological reactor and introducing a renewable energy input on the plant.

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“Ramses” Project

The LIFE + RAMSES project seeks to improve the quality of reclaimed water by applying novel anaerobic purification techniques with plastic padding on the main line of a wastewater treatment plant Wastewater, reducing treatment costs and increasing the volume of irrigation water in agriculture.

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“Life-Ofrea” Project

LIFE-OFREA is a project supported and financed by the European Commission to reuse wastewater in coastal areas more efficiently. Led by ACCIONA Agua and ESAMUR, it uses advanced desalination technology in an effort to reduce by 20% the energy that would normally be required if conventional desalination techniques were used.

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“Life-Brainymem” Project

LIFE-BRAINYMEM is a Project supported and financed by the European Commission to reduce the energy consumption in wastewater treatment plants and minimize its environmental impact. All of this throughout the Membrane Biological Reactor (MBR) technology for water reclamation.

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